Thursday, June 11, 2015

2nd to Last Day

We dissected sharks during the Biology final exam. They were all pregnant so we not only found embryos in the ovaries, we also found all the babies  below. Each shark averaged 3 babies, although one had six!

I took my Seniors to Edmonds Marina for a picnic. We sat around the picnic table and just talked. It was fun hearing about their plans for summer and college. Very laid back and a nice way to end the year. Even A. joined us and he usually avoids field trips. Fun day.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Aunt Betty

This morning Aunt Betty woke up in Heaven. I've been thinking about what might have greeted her when she arrived. Was family waiting? Was God there with open arms? I know, in my head, that seeing her Savior would be the greatest thrill of all but because I have more "skin-on" memories of people, I can't help but think of Uncle Willerd waiting for her. I know she would have been excited about that, but I think even more so, she would have been excited to see Grandma O., Gram, and Aunt Georgie. Uncle Willerd's birthday was the same as mine, so a year never went by that Aunt Betty didn't call to wish me a Happy Birthday, even after he died. She always remembered my special day. I am sad she won't be home when I get there. I talked to her the other day and we were making plans for when I moved home. She was hoping to feel healthy enough to make a trip out here this summer. Death is hard for those left behind. Memories help, when they are good ones, and my family and I have great ones of Aunt Betty. The way she swore without swearing, laughed about everything, knew how to have fun, was loyal to a fault, taught us how to make taffy, took me to buy my first pair of earrings, vacations to Florida, two weeks with us out here, her Christmas cookies and cinnamon rolls. She was my Children's Church teacher for years and taught me many of the childhood hymn/songs I know, she couldn't carry a tune but she loved to sing. She loved the Lord and she loved to call me at the last minute to make or draw her something to take to TOPS. I am happy for the memories and I am happy I have the knowledge she knew how much we loved her. I am most happy for the assurance I have that she is in Heaven. Her lungs are clear, her heart is working, her anxiety is gone. She is home.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

My weekend in pictures

Friday night I chaperoned prom.

 The centerpiece I did for my table


So rib, chicken, pork, curried rice, veggies, bread, fruit...yum, yum, yum

Saturday morning I went to WA parents for breakfast. The little girls were there.
Looking sleepy for the camera

Little sister copying big sister

Gramsy making pancakes for her two OCD girls

Grandpa feeling overwhelmed by all the girls

Little Boy is always part of the activities

Saturday night I played with my babies.
 Washing Tee's feet

Look, Tee! We grew beards!

My beauties

Bubba with his bday present from Tee. Sissy has him in a death grip.