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Our Week in Pictures

This is a picture-overload post. I'll probably take it down when I put the pictures into a video but, for now, here are snapshots of what we've been up to out here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Fish and Chips Picnic at Chase Lake

Relaxing on the Back Deck

Scenic Cascade Highway

Old West Town - Winthrop

Lake Crescent and Mariners vs. Indians Baseball Game

Whirlwind Oregon Trip

Friday, August 17, 2012


Here are two collages that didn't make it onto my wall of pictures because the copies I have aren't digital. I couldn't get a high enough resolution to make the enlargements clear. I'll post them on my blog instead. The first is mom and dad as kids, the second is JP and me.

A Snapshot of My Week

I wish I had enough energy to write about how busy this past week was. I wish I'd have had the energy to take pictures showing the befores and afters of our cleaning frenzy. I've been complaining about the weather for ages...ready to jump out the window if I had to wake up to one more rainy day. Well, summer has finally arrived bringing temperatures in the high 80s/low 90s, coinciding perfectly with hard work in a boiling house with no air conditioning. My feet are the size of balloons, my knees are swollen, I can't find my elbows or wrists, but oops, this post wasn't intended to be filled with complaints. Mom and Aunt arrived last night! We are soooooo excited. I had a really ambitious list of things to get done before their arrival and between JP's efforts and my own, we managed to mark almost everything off. I turned an empty guest room into an inviting place to rest, I finished several canvas art projects, I made a duvet cover and wood shelf, JP cleaned and cleaned and weed-whacked and planted flowers and I continued to make list after list. I think I'm addicted to lists. Anyway...we're all done. The house is scrubbed, the guests are here, the fridge is full, the art is done, the flowers are it's time to sit back and have fun. They will be meeting me for lunch today, we're grilling out tonight and tomorrow kicks off our four day, non-stop, whirlwind of sight-seeing and vacationing. JP and I both have the days off. Here are a few pictures, more to come:

Forgot to get a picture of the finished project. Will try to do that tonight.

Some of my lists

Finished guest room

Good morning Auntie! Doesn't she look like Gram?

Mom doing what she does best :)

"Cakey" with Aunt B

My swollen ankles...the left one is the worst...I can't even see it, and what about those piggy, swollen toes? Big sigh.