Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day Trip with JP (7/24/11)

My blog postings are kind of out of order but it's because I've had such a busy summer. I still haven't put much up about my time at home in the U.P. It's coming. I'm waiting on some pictures from MA. In the meantime, during the week between leaving the U.P. and the arrival of Mom - we had a stretch of really nice weather here in the Northwest. JP and I explored a little. We drove through Snohomish to Gold Bar and walked a trail taking us to Wallace Falls. It was like entering a fairy-tale world. There were huge, moss covered trees...water tripping lightly over small stones then rushing loudly over larger boulders. Sometimes there was a breeze in the air, at other times it was still and almost stifling. The ferns grew tall and wild and the shadows lurked in the dense undergrowth. JP said he imagined this is where dinosaurs roamed. We kept expecting to see a prehistoric head pop up from the foliage.

After wandering the trails, we stopped at Zeke's for cheeseburgers and fries. We took our food to the Big Eddy river access and had a picnic by the water. I particularly liked the old steel bridge with the small mountain in the background. It looked more stunning from a distance but it was difficult to get a picture so I had to settle for one from a closer location.

A scenic trip in the summer wouldn't be complete without a stop at a roadside fruit stand for my most favorite, delicious Rainier cherries. Yummy to my tummy.

Lots of fun. If Mom ever gets off the computer, maybe we can make some more memories.

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