Sunday, November 20, 2011

Camp Casey Fall Retreat (Nov. 9 & 10)

I've been a little late in posting this because I've been mad. We had a lot of fun at the retreat this year. The weather was cold but it didn't rain which was an answer to prayer since all our planned activities were outdoors. The boys had been after me to play basketball with them, which I always do at our retreats. I was so proud of myself - I found my ankle brace, scrounged up a pair of long socks - I thought I was ready to show these young whipper-snappers how it was done. Well, I kinda showed them...for one short game. After that it was all downhill. About three minutes into the 2nd game, I went up for a rebound, came down with a loud "pop," my knee buckled and I had to be half-carried off the court. Oh, don't ankle is fine. It was my knee. The math teacher went off in search of ice and came back with a GARBAGE BAG FULL. Yes, he is an over-achiever but that ice certainly felt good. The very same teacher brought the school van around to give me a ride to the mess hall for dinner and then drove me back to the barracks where I promptly collapsed in bed, singing the Shepherd Boy song in my head so I wouldn't hyperventilate or cry. The kids went on their merry way...playing Capture the Flag and, later, roasting marshmallows. Several stopped in my room to check on me. I had some very deep conversations with a couple of the boys. One of the girls made me a s'more...she roasted the marshmallow to perfection! Another girl took off my shoes and socks and the next morning, yet another put them back on for me. Our kids are great. They make my job worthwhile. As I was putting together this video, the faces of my students made me teary. The whole world is ahead of them. The Lord has individual plans for each one. They have hearts of compassion. They are motivated. These kids are going to be changing the world. I hope the lessons they learn while in the U.S., at Solomon, specifically in my classroom, point them toward Christ. I hope they learn to look to Him for guidance ahead of any other source. I pray the Lord gives me strength and wisdom and a sensitive heart to speak the words they need to hear in a voice they understand from a soul that loves them. As the song to the video says, I want to "Live Out Loud" in front of these teenagers God has placed in my life.

The view from my room at the retreat
(Straits of Juan de Fuca in the distance)

My bedroom
(Glad I brought warm blankets since I ended up
spending the majority of my time here)

Ankle brace? Check.
Ready to play ball!

What is there to even say?

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