Monday, January 30, 2012

Baby 101

Talked to Natalia today. She gave me a rundown of some things I'll need by the 3rd and final home visit. Take a deep breath, Indie. Ready?

Fire extinguisher

First Aid Kit
Medicine Cabinet

Fire Ladder
High Chairs
Toddler Bed (1-4 depending on how many children)
Crib (1-4 depending on how many children)
**convertible cribs not allowed - no movable parts (That's inconvenient! How do I know how many babies I'll have or how many toddlers?)
Potty Chair
Changing Table

TB test
updated CPR certification

As I was typing this, Mr. V.P. came in to tell me the sub they hired to cover for me while I have surgery is coming in tomorrow to observe classes. I've already informed the office that there will be nothing worth observing this week. The kids are working on review stuff and then they are taking their exams. I am not changing things around just for this guy. The kids need to be prepared. So, he plans on being here all day tomorrow. That's just great. I have to make exams, work on lesson plans, and start writing a supply list. I hope his presence doesn't cut into that. I'm already swamped with all the things I need to get done and it's not because I've procrastinated. It's because there is SO MUCH TO DO!!! (O.K. - so I'm procrastinating now - I just finished a whole day of work. Isn't it alright to unwind for a few minutes?)

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