Friday, April 20, 2012

Indie Grace WOW-derer

You can just call me "Little Miss Homemaker."

Having a host student has forced me to spend time in the kitchen. I have more misses than hits, but tonight was a definite success. My girl even asked if I'd teach her how to make this particular dish, which...I CREATED ALL BY MYSELF...when none of the recipes I looked at were what I wanted. Miss Indie's own version of Chicken Cheesy Gluten-Free Lasagna. DE-LISH-US!!

In an attempt to be mom-ish, I made sure we had sliced, fresh vegetables and even created...wait for very own Gluten-Free version of shortbread crust over which I spread marscapone cheese and layered with fresh strawberries. I know. Something is going on with Indie Grace. It's scary. What are you up to God?

Oh, and did I mention I'm dehydrating my very own fruit so we can have dried mangoes for snacks? Yep.

And on a totally unrelated note, isn't this little guy cute? He couldn't reach the suet from the outside, so he crawled in through one of the squares and ate it INSIDE the feeder. Clever!

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