Thursday, May 30, 2013

Little "Sister" Family Pics and a 1st Birthday

God has blessed me with lots of friends who have become family through the years. I have lived many places far from home, parents, and extended family but He has always brought people into my life who have encouraged me, loved me, shared life with me and found a special place in my heart. Megan works with me at Solomon. She is the glue that holds the school together and over time has become like a sister. She shares her kids with me, keeps Mountain Dew in her fridge, exchanges emails during the work day, makes sure we have chocolate if either of us has a craving and in general, is a life-brightener. I am thankful for the gift of her friendship and God's timing in bringing her along. Here are some family pics they had taken on Mother's Day, along with some sweet shots of the cutest babies in the universe at Theo's 1st birthday party. 

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