Monday, September 23, 2013

Little Ears, Little Eyes

So, I played with my babies again this Sunday. They are the best medicine on the planet. I get hugs and kisses to my heart's content. Baby Girl is a chatterbox. She talks non-stop. She will repeat anything you say or do. Little Boy isn't talking as much yet but you can see him processing everything and he understands a lot of what is being said. He was full of energy, dancing and talking and walking and wanting to read. My camera is broken so I can't use it for pictures which leaves me with my phone. It is slow in clicking so by the time it takes a picture, Bubba has moved on. I don't have any good ones of him from my day with them. As is her custom, Baby Girl likes to wear Tee's stuff when I'm there. She has me roll up the sleeves, then walks around the house in my flip-flops, grinning the whole time. It reminds me that there are little eyes and little ears who are paying attention to everything I do. Right now, they want to be just like me (or their Mama and Daddy). What an honor - but what a have the attention and high regard of a child. I pray God helps me live a life that points my babies to Him.

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