Thursday, January 16, 2014

For Megan - Part Three

On our third day of "theming," we went to Universal Studios. The rides are based on movies and it feels like you are walking through different boroughs in the U.S...Hollywood, San Francisco, New York. It is less busy than Islands of Adventure but I think it also has less rides. I'm not positive about that...I know it has less rides that we like to go on. Anyway, we stayed for the whole day and on our way out had dinner at Bubba Gump's. DE-LISH-US. 

This place was soooo good! I ate Irish stew with soda bread. Mmmmmm!!!

One of my top five favorite rides

The Macy's Christmas parade in fake New York City

Another one of my favorite rides ever. It feels like you are riding your bike through space as you travel to E.T.'s home planet.

For dinner I had cajun-spiced mahi-mahi with shrimp, served over mashed potatoes.

See ya next year, Universal Studios!

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