Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Inspired by Megan's post, here's a "Getting to Know Indie" entry. I'll use the same questions she answered.

Middle Name: Sue (after my momma)

If I Could Live Anywhere Else In The World, Where Would It Be? I love it in the Northwest but rather than living in a cul-de-sac I'd really like it if my home was on the edge of a lake or the ocean. I would also like a home in the Upper Peninsula, surrounded by trees, with a gently sloping yard that leads to the lake. Three other choices:                              Mombasa, Kenya
                                            Anywhere in Switzerland
                                            Kibbutz in Israel

What Is My Guilty Pleasure? Anything Harry Potter or creepy haunted. I've read all the books too many times to count and have had to buy new DVDs to replace some of my collection because I watch them so much they wear out. I also like eerie, haunting things but not demonic or gory. I love the Haunted Mansion at Disney World and I like being just a little scared!

What Do I Like Best About My Job?  I love my students. I love learning about new cultures and seeing things through their eyes. I like the independence and freedom I have without someone micromanaging me.

If I Could Choose Any Other Career What Would It Be?
Anyone who knows me will know how hard the second part of the question is for me to answer. There are so many things I'd like to do. I would like to be a doctor and work with Doctors Without Borders. I would like to work with widows in India who have been shunned and left on the streets. I would like to run an orphanage in the United States. I would like to live on a large piece of property surrounded by a fruit orchard and have a hobby farm where I could paint in my large, many-windowed studio facing the lake. I would be self-employed in my perfect world and only have to interact with others when I felt like it.

What Five Items Would I Grab During A Fire? (People and Pets Don't Count)
Cell Phone
Harry Potter collections

Is Marathon Running Something I'd Like To Pursue Or Is That Just Crazy?  I would love to run a marathon. It used to be my goal to run one by the time I turned 30 -- now I'd like to before I'm 50 J
Running used to be my favorite form of exercise.

If I Only Could Eat One Meal For The Rest of My Life, What Would It Be?
Does bacon count as a meal?
Otherwise, spicy rice noodle soup

Last Person I Spoke To: Eric...and I kinda yelled at him

Favorite Childhood Toy: Little movable resin Cabbage Patch figurines Gram gave me. I had about 50 -- loved the bright colors and kept them in a basket on my dresser.

Breakfast Cereal of Choice: Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup with Keebler Crackers, of course...and bacon, duh. Not a cereal? Says who? This is MY getting-to-know-you.

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