Monday, May 5, 2014


I have a new computer on the way so rather than go out and buy a desk I decided to use some of the old fence wood to build my own. I wanted it to be simple and to fit in with the other pieces of furniture in my bedroom. It isn't finished yet, but here are some of the stages that went into building it. I roped JP into decorating the top with ferns and flowers. Tonight I will give it a final coat of protective polyurethane and then put all the pieces together. I also bought little baskets for $1 at the Dollar Store. I'll make linings for those and put them on the desk shelf to store things. My final job is to get a chair that isn't too big and will match everything else.  

P.S. I spent time with my babies Friday night. Had so much fun. They are beauties. Love them.

This is what happens to soft butter-hands when they are soaked in paint remover and exposed to dry wood dust all weekend. I think I'll need to break down and invest in some heavy-duty hand cream.

So happy our little Bubba is feeling better.

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