Thursday, May 21, 2015

Friday Fun

Last Friday, the 15th, our school held its annual wiffle-ball tournament. We had four teams playing - mine was The Tomatoes. I don't know why. Some questions are too hard to answer. Of all the teams, mine was the least skilled and the least athletic. Somehow, we won the tournament. I still don't know how. Anyway, the kids had a blast. We started the afternoon with a cook-out, complete with ball-park dogs, hamburgers, toppings, chips, watermelon and pop. Our games were announced over the loudspeaker and each team member was introduced by the announcer while favorite music played in the background. Later that afternoon, momMA treated me to shaved noodles and crispy beef at a restaurant in Chinatown, not too far from the ballpark. So full, I could barely breathe, we then made our way to the stadium and caught a Mariners game against the Red Sox. We won in the last inning...two outs, two strikes, a hit and our man on second was able to make it to home. Here are some pics of a very fun day.

I always greet my kids with a smiley face on Friday. Since today was a special day, I sported him up a bit.

One of the highlights for the kids is decorating their wiffle-ball jersies. I drew this tomato for one of my girls.

Proudly showing off their personalized jersies.

Enjoying freshly grilled hot dogs and hamburgers before the tournament.

Our mighty announcers get the crowd rallied as they prepare to get the tournament underway.

Announcing from our very own "76.5 SCS Sport Radio" station.

And the games begin. Vice Principal McPherson attempts to strike out History Teacher Cate.

Teams Sky and Killer Bears wait on the sidelines to see the outcome of Game One between the Tomatoes and the Hitmen.

Our Senior gets in on the action, attempting to strike out Mr. P.

Waiting and cheering...

Taking a break after winning Game One

Showing my team pride

The tournament is over, the kids are happy and...

the Tomatoes are crowned this year's champs!

Headed to Chinatown with momMA for a belated birthday dinner

Shaved noodle soup with shrimp and black mushrooms -- so yummy!

Crispy beef and rice in a sweet and sour garlic sauce

The view from my seat

It was a beautiful night

and a great ending to a perfect day.

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