Thursday, March 31, 2016

Catching Up - momMA/Daughter Lake Quinault Getaway 2015

I am so far behind in my posts. There are events I want to remember so, even if they are late, I'm going to try to put up the pictures. One of the things from 2015 that didn't get mentioned, other than a sneak peek, is my trip to Lake Quinault with momMA. We rented a little fisherman's cabin on the lake. It was so cozy and of my all-time favorite retreats. There was a miniature kitchen (filled with everything you'd need) a small bathroom with a shower barely big enough to turn around in, slanted floors that made you feel like you were on a rocking ship, and screens that somehow let in the mosquitoes. There were large picture windows overlooking the lake, a stone fireplace, and a small porch. We had a fire going at night, although it was so warm out, we had to leave the windows and door open so we didn't have a heat stroke. Since the door was open, we also had to light a pic so the mosquitoes didn't eat us alive. Sounds like fun, right? It really was. We had pork chops with salad and corn on the cob the first night and salmon with quinoa and ratatouille the second night. Our breakfasts were delicious and we packed picnic lunches for our days of exploring. I can't wait for this year's trip(s). I wonder where we'll go?

 Pork chops and corn on the cob

 Salmon dinner

 Entering Hoh rainforest

 Ruby Beach

 Wandering through the Olympic Peninsula

 World's largest Spruce Tree - Lost its top in a storm

 Enjoying a picnic at Long Beach

momMA learning the art of a selfie

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