Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lap Quilts and Prayer

I sometimes have a hard time focusing. Not all the time. I can be the most one-tracked, obsessed person there is - depending on the day - but there are definitely large chunks of my life that just seem to flit around. When my thoughts get like this, I've found the best thing to do is to keep my hands occupied. It works in church every time. If I can't concentrate on the sermon, I start to draw. Just like that, I'm tuned in to what the Pastor is saying. If I'm watching a movie and my interest is wandering, I start to crochet. Immediately - I'm back with the plot of the story. So when my WA mom told me Grandma #2 was back in the hospital, I started to pray. The only problem was I couldn't get my brain to stay on one topic. I was all over the place - so I decided to complete the project for Gma2 that I started at Christmas...her lap quilt. I was instantly soothed. As I put blocks together and listened to the sewing machine hum, my prayers started to make sense. I entered a real conversation with my Father -- not a spastic, uncontrolled, verbal overflow. I've often heard about things being "stitched with love." Well, this lap quilt will be completely "stitched with prayer." Every moment spent working on it last night was a moment spent talking to the Lord about Gma2's health, feelings, relationships, sweet momMA...other family members. My jumbled mind was able to sort itself out as I sewed order into the blocks.

Oh, and there's love in those stitches, too.

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