Tuesday, February 7, 2012

ACL Reconstruction/A Cherished Visitor

Yesterday I had my ACL reconstructive surgery. It went very well. They were able to use my own hamstring as a graft. As far as I know, I didn't say anything too dumb while under the influence of anesthesia or pain meds. After surgery they gave me a femoral nerve block, which basically made my leg pain-free from the groin to my toes. I was in bliss yesterday. Today the block is wearing off and the pain is starting to show its face. I have a prescription for pain pills but I hate to take them. Such yucky side effects. The health team did say, however, that if I took pain pills before it became unbearable the pain would be easier to manage and I'd be headed down the road to a faster recovery.

My gift/mom/advocate was with me the whole time. (Obviously not for the surgery part but...) When it was time to go, I got very nauseated. The nurse was going to give me Ginger Ale for an upset stomach but momMA would have none of that. She went into nurse lingo and got me exactly what she wanted, which was a pill to take that very moment and also a prescription called in to the pharmacist. I guess I'll keep her forever. As they were wheeling me into the operating room she called after the nurses, "Take care of her. She's my treasure."

Today little cutie came over to be watched by Gramsy. Her mom is on vacation and her dad is working. When she arrived I was sleeping so she didn't disturb me but when I woke up, she crawled into bed with me and we read books together. When we were done with that, she went upstairs to get her soft blankie, raided the kitchen for fishy crackers, brought in a lollipop and water and curled up next to me again. We watched a Disney movie on my computer and shared earphones. She was such good medicine. I love that sweet girl. She's an independent one. Pretty strong-willed and marches to the beat of her own drum. That's why we get along so well, I think. At one point there were three of us in bed. Isabel and I were watching the movie and then momMA crawled in on the other side of me and took a nap. It would have been a cute picture. All the girls relaxed and warm under the covers.

My first physical therapy appointment is Thursday. At that time, the dressing will be removed and I'll have my first glimpse of my new knee. In the meantime, I'm just hanging low at MA's house. It's a nice place to recover and rehab. She takes excellent care of me and Dave is very kind, too. I've received lots of emails and phone calls, including a surprise text from Caryn all the way from Missouri. What a good girl! Her mom trained her well.

I guess that's all. I'm going to write some letters and read a book while enjoying a Mountain Dew. I'll post an update after I've seen the PT.

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