Wednesday, February 8, 2012

First Glimpse of my Knee

Today I attempted a shower with my leg covered in a trash bag. It worked well. I didn't get wet at all but when I stood up I noticed that the bulk of my dressing had settled down below my knee. MA carefully unwrapped it and put it back together again while I took pictures. The second picture shows my surgeon's initials. (I guess that's how he makes sure he operates on the correct appendage.) The final leg picture shows how swollen everything is right now. You can't even tell it's my knee. It looks large and fluid-filled.

I also had company this afternoon. Megan and MJ came to visit. Megan got roped into a game of Sorry since Little Cutie, Gramsy and myself were already planning to play. While we were racing around the board, I had a giant fruit basket delivered to me here at MAs from Mom and Aunt Shirl. Lots of good-looking fruit inside. I'll have to share. To wrap up the excitement of the day, Little Cutie and I cuddled in Gramsy's recliner and watch 'Tangled'...again. It was a good day.

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