Monday, June 18, 2012

Best Friend Time

Today Cheryl and I spent about four hours together without kids. This is the first time since we were 18. It was so much fun. We went souvenir shopping, ate at Clyde's and walked the boardwalk. We even braved the crashing waves to walk out to the lighthouse. It got a little scary when we climbed up the metal ladder and were standing next to the metal lighthouse when it began to thunder and lightning. We got down as fast as we could and walked back to the car as quickly as possible, which wasn't very quick due to my knee. Poor Cheryl just had to wait for me. I told her she could go ahead. From the safety of the car, we called her kids who met us at her house for a competitive game of Phase 10. They'll be coming over later in the week for "family fishing" with Mom and Dad. It was nice to be with my friend and now it is nice to be home. I feel like death. I hope this cold or whatever it is leaves soon.

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