Monday, February 4, 2013

Bits and Stuff

I had many full, busy days last week. I helped celebrate my momMA's birthday, met with a foster care/adoption agency, went to watch a special cheerleader, babysat my favorite "Things," and slept a lot. From the reaction of my WA parents, I gave new meaning to the phrase "death warmed over." I will be glad when I'm back to normal health and some of the unknowns are dealt with. In the meantime, I'm thankful for people to love and activities that occupy my time. Here is a peek into my and pictures that make me smile and a song that has taken up residence on the repeat cycle in my brain.

Birthday Princess
Look at those gorgeous eyes!

Sr. Night

Thumb sucker...he steals my heart

Love these two

Such a big girl...using her own fork

And then there's this method of feeding one's self

My cuddle buddies when the babies are in bed

Gift from a student

February already (and a reminder of Gram)

A few of my favorite things
(Dragonfly, candle, trout mug, tree pencil)

New (to me) praise song

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