Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My New Best Friend

Tobias, Toblerone, Toby, Baby, Buddy, Little Black Boy, Wild Thing, Spoiled...Whatever you call him, he has unbelievably wormed his way into my heart. I can't believe it. I know my happy pills have helped. That, and the cute little ears and toothy grin and galloping run and happy bark when he sees me...the way he squirms and wiggles in excitement when I'm around and lays on his back with his feet up, twisting and turning, not knowing if he wants to be held or have his tummy rubbed or play fetch or chew. That complete joy when he sees his Sissy. Mmmm....the only other time I see that is when MJ is playing with her Tee. It is pure love and excitement. I kind of get now why people have pets. the absence of baby pictures to bore you with, everyone will have to endure puppy pics instead. I know. He's not even my puppy. Too bad. 

 Let's see what kind of mischief I can get into.

Oooh...Sissy made me a sock toy. This will be fun.

 Not as fun as JP's work sock though.

Sissy, you didn't tell me you had birds in your house. Can I eat them?

This was all well and good but I want my Indie now. It's time to be spoiled.

Aah...this is the life. I love my people.

I love Photoshop. MomMA took this when I just woke up so I have puffy eyes and wild hair. A couple of overlays took care of that...who cares if I now look like Johnny Depp! My mother, after all, is Jack Nicholson.

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