Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

I went to the early service at church. I enjoyed the choir. My favorite part was Amazing Grace sung by a men's quartet with a special verse played by the bagpipes. A thought from Isaiah 53:5 that I'm pondering today is this:
"The punishment that brought me peace was upon Him. It is by His scars I am healed."
On my way into church I was greeted by an older woman with the age old, "He is risen!" to which I responded, "He is risen indeed!" and I thought about how many centuries, millennia even, this refrain has been spoken between believers - reminding us of the eternal peace with God we have because of Christ's scars and resurrection. It was first spoken as His followers ran to spread the news that Christ was no longer in the tomb and it was spoken most recently in the parking lot of ACC in Seattle, WA between two descendants of those early believers. Quite amazing and even a little mind-boggling.

As is tradition here at our house, we went to the zoo today. Easter is such a nice time to visit the animals and be reminded of God's creation and the fresh start we were given through Christ's sacrifice. Mom requested pictures, so here they are.

My new haircut

I took this because it looks just like JP when he's singing...haha

Look at the claws!

JP made some friends

This is our favorite zoo animal. We call her Ruby. She likes my tie-dyed hoodie.

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