Monday, April 28, 2014

This Weekend...

...was an eventful one! Little Boy's oxygen levels dropped so he and his parents spent most of the weekend at Children's Hospital, which meant I got to spend time with my Baby Girl. We played, played, played. She is so much fun now that she's talking. Well, she's always been fun but now I know what is going on in that little head of hers.

So, after dropping Mommy off at the doctor's office to get her car, Baby Girl and I headed over to momMA's. She talked and sang all the way there. She counted to 20, said a Bible verse, sang the ABC's, then launched into a medley of "Jesus, Jesus; Jesus Loves Me; Jesus Loves the Little Children; How Great is Our God; and You're Altogether Worthy." Such a pure beautiful little voice. Once we arrived at momMA's, we went to the park. First she shared the swing with Fluffy, then after awhile she decided to push Fluffy. She kept saying, "Fluffy is having so much fun!" When we went back to the house, momMA made dinner while Baby Girl, Toby and I watched The Aristocats on Netflix. When it was time to eat, she did the funniest thing in the whole wide world. We had skinny green beans for our vegetable and without making any big deal out of it or drawing attention to herself, she put a bean up her nose. I happened to look at her and she had this HUGE grin on her face with this long bean hanging down her face. I took it out and said, "We chew beans with our mouth not our nose," and she laughed. Then she looked at momMA and held out a bean, "Can you do it Miss MaryAnn?" to which MA replied, "No, I don't think so." Then she held it out to WA Dad, "Can you put the bean in your nose Mr. Dave?" I thought I was gonna split a gut. I tried very hard to keep a straight face but we were all smiling from ear to ear. She is just so darn cute.

Later in the weekend, I decided to tackle my bedroom. The pile of stuff on the floor is all from my closet. I think the pictures are pretty self-explanatory. Notice who thought he needed to help. Ichabod was under foot and "helping" ALL.DAY.LONG.

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