Monday, August 18, 2014

Summer in the City!

Yesterday I took my babies to the spray and splash park. They had a blast. They climbed around on the play structure first because they weren't too sure about getting wet. Pretty soon, MJ decided to try it out. At the beginning she was pretty cautious but toward the end, she owned that place. Bubba was a little more hesitant but he did put his hands in the fountains and tried to drink the water a couple of times. We had a picnic and sang LOTS of songs. Those kids are walking iPods. They know tons of tunes. MJ said, "Tee, I'm getting bigger." I said, "You are getting bigger." She said, "Tee, Bubba is getting bigger, too." I said, "He sure is." Then I said, "Even though you are getting bigger, will you still be my baby? Can I still call you Baby Girl?" She nodded and said, "When I am even bigger Daddy and Tee can still call me Baby." Megan said I should have recorded it. She's right. Why didn't I think of that?

After dropping off the babies, I picked momMA up and we went for a walk. She came back to my house and we played a game of Shang-hai. Here she is studying her cards with Ichabod's help. You can see he's not too sure about grandMA's strategy.

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