Wednesday, October 1, 2014


These past several weeks have been super busy. I'm at work 11 hours a day, I have two kids living with me, momMA has been out of town so there has been a little bit of Toby-sitting and having WA Dad over for dinner, keeping the house clean, and figuring out how to juggle everything while still having time to breathe. This will mostly be a photo post because I'm too tired to write about much. First, I have a sweet picture of my Toby. The last time I watched him, I was stretched out on the floor with my feet up on the couch. He came and laid down next to me, eye to eye, and put his top paw over my hand and his bottom leg over my knee. Such a tender puppy.

Next, Megan does a good job making sure the kids and I have contact with each other even if I don't actually get over to their house a lot. The other day, she took a picture that Madelyn wanted to send to Tee so I sent MJ one back - a sign with a teddy bear that said, "I love Madelyn." Later that week, Baby Girl went to Cubbies and their craft involved filling out hearts with the names of people who loved them. MJ doesn't write, so someone was translating what they thought she said. There was God, Mommy, Daddy, and Andy Habber. When she got home, Megan asked MJ who Andy Habber was. MJ responded, "Auntie Heather." The Cubbies' helper obviously doesn't speak "MJ" fluently yet.


Last week, SCS went on its annual school retreat. I only took a couple of pictures because I wasn't in the mood to carry my camera or phone around everywhere. One of our students sprained her ankle playing basketball and ended up in a wheelchair...our class president! 

Playing "Murder in the Hotel"

And, finally, things have been really crazy in the classroom, too. Lots of labs going on, lots of prep time, but lots of fun, too. Here's one of my kids proving to himself that the law of conservation of matter really is true.

And, finally,'s a cute, cute picture of IchaBAD.

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