Friday, September 4, 2015

Trout Fishing with MJ and momMA

So, apparently, Baby Girl told her mom she wanted to go fishing. Everyone knows that's Tee's territory. I wanted to make sure to take her somewhere she would definitely catch a fish, since it was her first time. I looked  online and found a place that stocked their ponds with rainbow trout. There were three ponds with trout dispersed according to size. Small, 8 to 10", medium = 11 to 13", and large = anything 14" and above.

Baby Girl caught an 8 incher her very first cast. She was excited and scared at the same  time. She didn't like how the fish flopped around while we were bringing it in and she didn't want to get too close to the bucket in case one jumped out and bit her. After a few more casts (and dropping the pole whenever she got a bite) she decided she preferred holding the bait and pinching  pieces off for momMA and me. The bait was a combination of fish food, flour and water. The trout farm supplied it.

You paid by the size and they cleaned the trout for you. It wasn't exactly a true fishing experience but, for her first outing, it was just right. When she is older, she'll have to come with me to the  U.P. and I'll introduce her to the Fox river and how to catch Brook trout in the streams.

MomMA,  WA dad and I enjoyed a delicious trout dinner. I fried  them up just like Mom taught me and we had fried potatoes, green beans and sliced cucumbers to go with them. I saved one for MJ to try. Maybe she'll share it with Bubba.

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