Friday, March 9, 2012

Craigslist Is My Best Friend

In preparation for Yumeka's arrival, I need to furnish the guest room. I'm limited because I can't scour thrift stores or shop multiple places due to my knee.Even if I found something at the local Goodwill, it would be difficult to strip, sand and paint the furniture before she gets here on one leg! So, who came through for me? Craigslist. I'm in love. Craigslist found me a job at SCS, two complete beds (mattresses included), my living room furniture, and now...Yumeka's furniture. I scored a twin bed (headboard, frame, mattress, boxsprings), 6-drawer dresser, night stand, mirror and trash can for less than $200. From another listing I found a desk and chair...under $100. Do you know how much these items are sold new? The bedroom set is on Amazon for $1800 and the desk is at Wal-mart for $300. I am getting $2100 worth of furniture for under $300. I'm a happy shopper and if anyone knows me, they know that, as it relates to this girl, happy shopper is normally an oxymoron.

The wardrobe is not part of the deal. I have no room for it...nor the footboard.

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