Monday, March 12, 2012


From Laurel on March 6:
I would like to officially offer you this student booking. Below is her arrival information. We pay $60.00 extra for the arrival pick up at the airport. However, I see that she arrives on a Monday, and I know you work? Also, I can't remember which leg you have in a cast? Are you able to drive? Please let us know if this will work. If not, we'll try to arrange it on this end. If possible it's best if the host does the pick up, because a lot of "bonding" happens on the car ride on the way home, but if not, don't worry. So, please let us know if this will all work?

From Laurel on March 11:
Because of the distance to the bus stop, the agent decided he preferred to have the student we originally discussed stay in an alternate location (because she's only 16)...
However, we have another Cascadia student that is 19 to officially offer to you! Since she's not under age, she can be a bit more independent. However, she will still want a ride to the bus stop at least for her morning commute, and I'm sure will be grateful to be picked up in the evenings whenever possible.

Because the original offer was "official," I spent all weekend tracking down furniture for my host student's room. I find it unsettling that an official offer can be made and taken back so easily. There is no consequence for the person rescinding the official offer but for the person to whom it was made there is a significant loss of time, expectations and MONEY!

I am working through this today while I try to focus on teaching. I am trying to trust the Lord to provide. I am trying to rest in whatever His plan for me might be. I am trying to not focus on the unprofessionalism of reneging on a verbal commitment. I am trying to prepare for this new student while bracing myself for the possibility that this opportunity might fall through, as well. Now I have an inkling (a very small inkling) of what prospective adoptive parents go through. Maybe that's part of what God is preparing me for!

Please, Father, if it is Your will - provide a student for my home. You know the desires of my heart.

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