Monday, March 5, 2012

Knee Update

I saw the surgeon today and received a really good report. I gained another five degrees in flexibility. Physical therapy has me working on strengthening exercises in addition to the range of motion exercises I was already doing. He said I'm a little ahead of schedule and he is very impressed with how well it is healing. He cleared me to go back to work this week and also said I could begin driving next week if it felt comfortable. I am still not allowed to go without crutches until there is "absolutely no limp." He said once a limp develops after ACL reconstruction, it is really hard to get rid of it. I asked about physical therapists and he said there are two in Bellevue who deal almost exclusively with ACL rehab. If I was interested in transferring from Lynnwood, he would write it in his notes. We agreed I would finish up this week with Andrew, try the new person next week and if I wasn't satisfied I would begin PT sessions in Bellevue for the remainder of my therapy. It will be a long drive and cut into night school, but if the care is better, then it is worth it to me. As you can see from the following photos, my knee is healing nicely. The scar is so much better and the swelling is beginning to go down. I still don't have much of a knee and my inner ankle is a little swollen but it is all moving in the right direction. I'm a happy girl today. Except for the fact that it's SNOWING again. What's up with that?

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