Saturday, September 8, 2012

Get Well Essentials

I've been battling strep throat and ear infections for a little while now and have compiled quite a basket of goodies to help me overcome this nasty sore throat that won't leave.

 Necessary items:
A good book
Chicken noodle soup
Cough drops
Prescription throat gargle
Hot broth-y soup

 Yes, I did say tea, and for those who know me you will know how unlikely it is for me to admit to this. I hate tea. I don't like how it looks and I detest how it smells. However, after days of throat spray and gargle having no effect and almost instant soothing after drinking the above-pictured variety, I am a new convert.  Well, at least when I have strep throat. I'm not making any promises after I'm well.

Also on the list of necessary items:
Calls from loved ones

 Not necessary but pure delight:
Flowers from Daughter #2

A clean kitchen and sweet goodies from Daughter #1.

I am blessed beyond measure...exceeding abundant.

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