Saturday, September 29, 2012

My Unbirthday!

Today is my 6-month unbirthday and I was able to spend it with my babies. Such a pleasant way to celebrate. Baby girl's unbirthday is close to mine so I had her blow out a candle and we each took a small bite of ice cream...very small, Megan, I promise! MJ was my birthday present last year so it was extra fun to share today with her. I can't believe she's old enough to blow out a candle and beg for sweets! 

This afternoon while my girl was eating and I was feeding Theo, I kept quizzing her about where her Auntie was. At first she'd point to brother, then to herself, but eventually she got it figured out. For the rest of the day she'd point to Auntie when asked. We played, "Where's Bubba's nose? Where's MJ's hair? Where's Auntie's mouth?" She got it right everytime. Baby Girl is growing up.

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