Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hello Again

This might be the longest I've gone between blog entries! I guess I took a real vacation (once I returned from Florida) and didn't do anything that required extra brain cells. I stayed at MA's house for a few days, hung out in pajamas in my living room for entirely too long, watched all the Harry Potter movies, read seven or eight library books and ate popcorn for dinner more evenings than I care to admit. Once school started, I decided to tackle my New Year resolution of adopting a more healthy lifestyle, not necessarily for weight loss (which seems to be an impossible feat with a malfunctioning metabolism), but more so I'm a better steward of this body God gave me. Toward that end, I've been paying more attention to the nutritional data of my food, planning meals ahead of time, making time to get in enough exercise (this site is so awesome!), and keeping track of the effectiveness of my exercise. My brother leaves me a note each day telling me what my exercise goals are, which helps me a lot (one less thing to think about) and is holding me accountable to healthy eating. I've gone a full week with no pop. I've substituted one cup of coffee instead to wake me up before my first class of the day. I've been drinking a lot of herbal tea and so much water I feel like I could float away.  In the meantime, I've been hit with a nasty cold or flu bug which has set me back a bit, but once I'm able to breathe again I'll be knocking off the miles. 

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