Thursday, January 17, 2013

Love Where You Are

I always had big dreams of living in a remote African village or maybe in the slums of India doing REAL service for God. Taking care of the sick, the marginalized, the forgotten. Leaving an impact. Somehow that hasn't happened -- maybe never will -- but that doesn't mean my life can't be filled with "beautiful somethings" for God. There is a person who needs me. Better said, a person who needs Him, presented through me. Maybe my students. Maybe my brother. Maybe my daughters. Maybe my parents or my co-workers or my MA. Maybe the clerk at the store or the guy on the corner or the person on the other end of the phone. There are a lot of someones. All in need of notice, of kindness. A touch from my Father. I don't have to go to Africa or India. I can do REAL service for God here by living authentically and loving. Whether it's an introduction to Christ or someone with "skin on," opportunities for "something beautiful" are everywhere.

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