Saturday, March 9, 2013

Auntie and Baby Girl - Zoo Fun!

So, Baby Girl hung out with Auntie today and we went to the zoo...Auntie's favorite place in Seattle. We started at the penguin exhibit and ended at the food court. We pretty much went from one end of Woodland Park to the other. I think her favorite animal was the penguin and her very favorite part was the carousel. Several times during the day she would make the sign for "More" and then clap her hands. I got lots of happy squeals, several hugs and a few kisses. She was the best zoo buddy in the world and the best-behaved two year old I've ever spent time with. She was also good for Auntie's ego as she mimicked everything she saw me do. If my sunglasses were on my head, hers had to be on her head. If mine were on my face, that's where hers were. If my sleeves were pushed up, guess who had to have hers up? My hair seemed to be of particular interest. She kept stroking it and playing with it, then feeling her own. I wonder what was going through her little head? Auntie may be biased, but she thinks Baby Girl is pretty perfect. 
Stroller? Check. Hair bow? Check. Glam glasses? Check.
Let's get this party started.


Don't put your fingers in the cage. Mr. Goat looks kinda hungry.
Hanging out in an African hut

Teacher is here - class can begin now.
Just my size. Can I take him home?
Who's afraid of a giant komodo dragon? That's for sissies.

See Auntie's shadow? We played a fun game of shadow tag while walking between exhibits.
Beautiful Girl
(Note the glasses on the head)
No, I won't smile. You can't make me.
Such a big girl. Auntie has her foot, Mom. She wasn't going anywhere.
Famished. Completely ate an entire kid's meal of chicken strips, carrots and mandarin oranges...then dove into the snacks Mommy sent along.

Show me your laugh
(And your chewed up chicken)
Exhausted - even Auntie's singing couldn't keep me awake on the way home.

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