Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Egyptian Art Project Part One

I've read different articles and journals that tell about the burial customs of ancient Egyptians. They left pictorial images on walls of tombs, lids of coffins, and pieces of parchment. They believed these images came to life when the tomb was sealed and would give guidance to the deceased as they made the trip to the afterlife. Some of these instructions are called "Book of the Dead." As my art class travels through time, we are studying the Egyptian period and are in the process of making our own pictorials and hieroglyphs. We are drawing with charcoal, painting with tempera and covering with India ink. This is an antiquing process known as paper batik. I'm rushing ahead of the class so they have a template to follow. Here is Day One:

Tomorrow's step involves blacking the whole image out with India ink. Hope it works.

P.S. Want to know what my hieroglyphs say?
My name

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