Monday, March 4, 2013


Saturday I watched my babies and a couple of big things happened. First, Baby Girl said "Auntie." I've been working on that with her for months and all I get in return is a big grin. Saturday, it was the same thing..."Say Auntie." Smile. "Come on. Say Auntie." Smile. I turned away to feed Little Boy and she said, "Auntie!" I almost fell off my chair. She was so proud of herself -- but that was it. She wouldn't say it again no matter how many times I asked. The second big thing was she had to show me how she uses the Big Girl potty. Quite impressive. The third thing was...drumroll...Auntie got to see Little Boy crawl for the very first time. Baby Girl and I were in the kitchen and I saw movement out of the corner of my eye...there was Little Boy, crawling like a pro, after one of his sister's toys. Aunties don't usually get to see these milestones the first time they happen, so I was excited. It was a big weekend for all of us :-) Next weekend, I get Baby Girl all to myself. We're heading out for an Auntie/Big Girl date. Can't wait.

Wearing Auntie's hoodie...with the hood up, please! The girl knows what she wants.

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