Friday, June 28, 2013

Journey Walking

I was able to spend time with momMA's mom and sister and also visit some of MA's old haunts. It was fun putting places to stories I've heard through the years. I saw the houses she lived in before leaving for Taiwan, the hospitals she worked at, where she went to school, where she used to play softball with the neighbor kids and her dad, her old church and her childhood home, where her mom still lives...60+ years later. It was fun sleeping in the little bedroom upstairs with the slanted ceilings and neat storage areas/hiding places her dad made. I met another one of her sisters, was given a tour of Donna's condo, took a beautiful ride along Lakeshore Drive looking at the mansions lining the street, and enjoyed lots of time visiting with Ruth and Gma2. I took fish I caught and we had a fry. MomMA and I fried them side by side. We had to open all the windows downstairs because we smoked the place out but the fish were delicious and there weren't very many left. Yummy. The visit ended too soon but I am so glad I was able to be with her mom and sister...and of course, my momMA. We had a wonderful time together.

Crossing Mackinac Bridge - entering Trollville, I mean, Lower Michigan

momMA's childhood home

D&MA's House #2 (House #1 was a trailer and no longer there)

House #3

Harrison - momMA worked as a nurse here in her 20s and30s before leaving
for Taiwan
(Before it was a hospital it was someone's is empty now)

Fish Fry
(Ruth, Gma2, momMA)

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