Sunday, June 16, 2013

U.P. Vacation.1 (henceforth known as UPV__ whatever installment number I'm on)

Today is my 2nd full day at home. So far we haven't done much. My first half day here, I slept about 17 hours, including overnight. Yesterday, JP had a wedding to attend and my mom and I drove to Marquette to pick up my aunt from the hospital. So, here we are at Father's's gorgeous out, JP took the rowboat out fishing before any of us were awake, Dad's at church, Mom's making dinner and I'm on the computer. Don't feel bad for Mom in the kitchen all by herself. She won't let me help. I'm in charge of dishes after :-(  Here are a few pics of our pretty morning. Don't be too jealous. It'll only be worse for you as the days progress and I post even more amazing photos. Haha.

 Butterfly on the lilacs - they are just now blooming up here

Mom and Dad - my favorite Yoopers in the universe

Our sleeping quarters at the side of the house...nice!

The mighty Fish-Whisperer

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