Saturday, June 22, 2013

UPV6 - Molly and Axel

Today we prepped Mom's room for painting, went fishing, had Mongolian Beef for dinner and went to Aunt Joanne's to see the babies and to play Dutch Blitz. The kiddos LOVE Dad. They fought over who got to sit on his lap, be carried by him, be read to...most of the pictures show him juggling them both at the same time.
Proud Uncle Tom

Axel, Uncle, and Andrea

Molly and Jess

Great-Niece, Niece, Great-Nephew and Uncle

The boys -- Axel and JP

Can anyone say Jessy and Joey? Wow! Deja vu...

Haye and Ax

Don't smile

You either

Snacks and a bedtime story with Uncle

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