Monday, June 30, 2014

Brooks' Rehab Resort

Living out here in the Northwest means I am very far from family. Considering my health and the number of times I've been sick or had surgery, it could be very frightening, but God has provided for me in a huge way. When momMA and I were matched in Charis neither of us knew what kind of relationship God had in mind. He has blessed me beyond measure by placing her in my life. Her home is fondly called "Brooks' Rehab Resort," a clever name she gave it since I have recovered, recuperated and rehabbed at it following three surgeries now. I love the peace and comfort that surrounds me here. momMA loves me as a daughter and so I am free to be myself. Her husband has resigned himself to being my WA Dad and even occasionally wraps me in a hug and tells me he loves me. The Brooks are "good people." Today they are on a ride, enjoying the sunshine and getting out of the house. I'm still not up to being in a car that long, so I stayed home. It was a nice break for all of us. Dave can have his wife to himself and I can savor alone time. My tank will be full by the time they get home later tonight. I was going to write more about my surgery and recovery but I've decided I don't want to at this time. I still get very tired and the other things that are going through my head aren't ready to be shared yet. Here are some pictures of my beautiful "Rehab Garden." Who could help but get better here -- surrounded by sunlight, colors, fresh air and quiet? I miss the U.P. but in its absence, I wouldn't trade Brooks' Rehab Resort for anything.

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