Saturday, June 21, 2014

Candid Pics

My surgery is over and I'm feeling great. I've had very minimal pain...a little bit of internal "heaviness" and the area around the five incisions is sore but nothing major. I've only taken two ibuprofen since I've been home. Immediately after surgery, I complained of pain so they gave me something in my IV - which I totally over-reacted to. I was completely out of it for about 24 hours. I couldn't wake up and I don't remember anything from that time period. Apparently I was able to communicate and answered questions in a way that made sense but I don't remember. Later, I was looking at my phone and saw that I took pictures. Here are the unedited snapshots I took when I was stoned and unaware of pretty much anything:
Who was I smiling at?

Sweet potato pancakes and sausage

Keeping blood clots at bay

Flowers from Megan

Arterial draw arm protector

And here are pictures momMA took after I got home. These are at Brooks' Rehab Resort. I am receiving great care. My nurse is the best.

Flowers from Mom, Dad, and Johnny

Sunshine from Megan

My devoted guard dog. He has watched over me faithfully.

Look at me Sissy. I'm watching you from the upstairs balcony. 

I'm still a little unsure of events and time so when I'm more coherent I'll write an update about my surgery. 

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