Friday, June 6, 2014

This and That

So I've come to terms with not having a child of my own and have decided to have a hysterectomy. It was a long internal struggle to agree to this but I'm at the point where I realize I can't raise a child feeling the way I do and I'm going to feel the way I do until I take charge of my health. My iron stores are depleted, I'm tired all the time, I've been sick more times this year than in the past several and in general I don't feel like myself. I knew this would take planning but I had no idea how much was involved or how busy I'd be. Part of it is because I'm working under a very tight schedule and everyone is trying to fit everything in before surgery. Part of it is that it is the end of the school year so I have lots of loose ends to tie up. Anyway, in the past two weeks I've had three appointments, with four more next week and surgery the following week...all while having strep throat and a trip to urgent care to receive steroid shots and a breathing treatment. It has been crazy. So, what does one do when life seems to be spinning completely out of control? When it seems the wisest thing is just to hold on tight and hope you don't fall off? If you are looking for a spiritual answer, you better go read another blog because I'm about to tell you the secret to my sanity, and it isn't spiritual. The secret is: 
Dream about re-decorating your house and backyard, of course.

Yep, that's it. Every time I start to feel overwhelmed, I work on a project for my living room. I purchased a new pull-out sofa on Craigslist. As a get-well splurge for myself I bought an awesome antiqued/distressed teal end table and I went to HobLob to get material to re-do the footstools and toss pillows in the living room. The new theme is "Nest" or "Home." I'll show you some of my inspirations, including the color scheme:

 New (used) loveseat

Distressed teal end table

And for the backyard:

Can't wait!!!

And, finally...this week's IchaBAD snapshot.

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