Sunday, July 22, 2012

Auntie's Babies

I finally was able to spend time with my sweetie-pies today. I was a little nervous that Baby Girl would be afraid when I was the one who greeted her upon waking from her nap but after looking at me quite seriously for a couple of seconds she granted me a big toothy smile which pretty much didn't leave her face the rest of the afternoon. She was such a good girl and a wonderful big sister. I love her. She is also very active as evidenced by the pictures...they are all blurry because I couldn't get her to stay still long enough to focus the camera. Little Boy was perfect. He was content to be held and snuggled. He let Sissy rub his head, rock his swing, kiss his cheeks, hold him on her lap...he handled it all with calmness and good humor. He also allowed Auntie to snuggle him close and cover his face in kisses. Such a sweet baby.
Hungry boy

Just chillin'

Did Sissy just rub my head?

You girls wore me out. Time to re-group.

Busy Girl

No time for posing, Auntie H!

Nope...still not ready.


The best photo of the day.
Her shirt finally fits! Auntie's Lil Yooper.


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