Saturday, July 28, 2012

Miho's 20th Birthday

We started the day by going to Blue C sushi restaurant. I forgot to take pictures there. Everything was delicious and Miho even received free mochi ice-cream, strawberry and mango. Our next stop was the Brunswick Majestic Lanes bowling alley. Miho started out with a bang but Host-Mom eventually prevailed, as you will see below on the score screen. We played two games and IndieGrace won them a brace...basically on one leg...yep. JP took it well - not. He called me a one-legged pirate. We came home and had birthday cake for dessert. Since it was Miho's 20th, she reached the legal drinking age in Japan. Since she's not in Japan I told her she had to wait one more year. We had sparkling cider in martini glasses instead. JP had to work and Miho and I were tired so after he left, we each headed to our rooms for a long summer nap. Upon awakening, I made the most de-lish-us cheeseburgers ever. I toasted the onion roll bun for Miho, made bacon, homemade tartar sauce and baked the french fries. Yummy to our tummies. We were going to have a campfire tonight and roast s'mores but we are too full. Instead we ended the evening watching "Mirror, Mirror," a Snow White adaptation. It was a fun, busy day and we love having Miho with us!

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