Monday, July 16, 2012

U.P. Fish Fry in WA

JP didn't get to go home with me this summer so Mom sent back fish we caught to make him feel a little better. We put in an Indiana Jones movie, lit a Pic, fried the fish, made potatoes and onions and cooked corn on the cob. We each had a cold Mountain Dew and pretended we were back in the U.P. The food was sooooo good. It tasted almost exactly like Mom's - the batter was a little different because I couldn't find the kind she uses but I made sure the oil was hot enough...I used a dry dip, followed by a wet dip, followed by a dry dip (just like she told me) and everything turned out nice and crispy...not rubbery at all. Thanks Mom. Wanting to emulate her wouldn't be complete without destroying the kitchen in the process of cooking, so I took a couple of pictures to show that I'm my mother's daughter. JP got stuck with the clean-up. Hahahaha.

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