Friday, July 26, 2013

Funny Sayings

Since I spend the majority of my time with ESL kids, I get asked for clarification about lots of different things. Here are some things we say all the time that you can imagine are quite confusing for someone just learning our language:

Make no bones about it
Mind your p's and q's
Cry wolf
Fly the coop
Down to the wire
Head in the clouds
Clean as a whistle
By the seat of your pants
In the nick of time
Spitting image
Your name is mud
Spill the beans
Raining cats and dogs
Missed the boat
Throw in the towel
Bee in your bonnet
Get your goat
Beat around the bush
Turn over a new leaf
Chip on your shoulder

There are so many more...I'll make another list later if I remember.

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