Sunday, July 21, 2013

Lake 22 Hike

JP didn't have to work today until 5:30 so we decided to go for a hike not too far away. We drove about 11 miles beyond Granite Falls to the Lake 22 trail head. The online description said it was easy and kid-friendly but many of the comments from hikers said they disagreed. Several stated that the hike was "more" than they expected. I should have paid attention. It was 2.75 miles of continuous uphill switchbacks. The trails were well-groomed except for the last .75 was very rocky talus. Everywhere you looked, people were taking breaks and sitting on whatever rocks looked stable enough to not roll over the incline. Once at the lake, it leveled out and you could walk a 1.5 trail around the water's edge. We packed a lunch but ran out of time to eat it, so saved it for the ride back. Did I mention that I passed a kidney stone at around 1 a.m. this morning so wasn't feeling great? I spent most of last night in the bathroom with my head in a wastebasket. I dry-heaved all the way up the mountain today and felt like an idiot. Fortunately, it was always at times when people weren't around. When we finally reached the car, we stripped off our shoes and socks, rolled down the windows, drank every drop of water from every bottle we could find and felt very proud of ourselves for completing an almost 6-mile round-trip hike. Not bad for the first one of the year.

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