Monday, December 29, 2014

Florida - Day 12

**I know that today is technically day 21 but I'll get to it later. I'm trying to catch up on theme parks. 

We woke bright and early to go to Epcot. My family loves all things Disney. I tried boycotting in my early 20s because of things I heard on Focus on the Family but, in the end, I decided as much as I liked James Dobson at the time, I loved Disney more. I'm a heathen I know. I also love Harry Potter. Heather is only one letter removed from heathen so I guess it's in my nature. 

Dad had not been to Epcot in many years and didn't remember liking it but he thoroughly enjoyed himself this time. We went on several rides and then took him through the World Showcase. JP and I usually split a dish from each of the countries. This time we split the dishes in thirds. Dad was a trooper. He ate everything. We had curried chicken pockets, bbq beef buns, egg rolls, strawberry and bean ice cream from China, sushi and teriyaki from Japan, lefse from Norway, sausage and kraut from Germany, chicken shawarma from Morocco with lentils and couscous, flatbread with cream, onions and bacon from France (and a crepe with ham, cheese and eggs) and possibly gelato from Italy, though I can't remember for sure. The weather was gorgeous and we wrapped up the evening listening to a live Biblical narrative of Christmas culminating in the choir singing Handel's Messiah. I cried through three countries. It gets me every time.

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