Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Florida - Day 3

Today we had a leisurely start. I cut up meat and vegetables, threw it in the crockpot, turned it on low and let it cook throughout the day so we would have stew for dinner when we got home. Dad and I went to the local flea market which was HUGE. We spent two hours and I probably didn't get through more than half of it. I bought three books for a total of $3, some postcards and some fresh vegetables from the farmers' market stalls. I saw baby eggplant for the first time - didn't even know they existed. I bought light purple and dark purple large eggplant. When we stopped by the house to drop stuff off I fried the light purple up for lunch. After a short rest, we headed to the beach. It wasn't as windy today so we were able to sit in our beach chairs and enjoy the waves. I walked the shore awhile looking for shells. I found four that are considered "good finds." I'm learning what they are. Dad has a shell book here and I read it last night so I would know what to look for and be able to identify them. When we came home I wrote out some postcards then we had DE-LISH-US stew (thanks for the recipe Megan). I bought french bread so, of course, we inhaled that as well. After dinner I started to work on the pictures I took today but I got tired so I laid down on the couch. Before I knew it, I was fast asleep. Dad said I was talking to him and stopped so when he looked over to see what I was doing I was completely out -- mid-sentence. So funny. I took some bird pictures for momMA. I think the taller, skinnier one is a willet and the shorter flock are sanderlings but I'm not positive. I also saw another pelican and what looked like a stork but my pictures of those didn't turn out. On our way back from the beach, Dad and I stopped at Leffis Key and walked some trails. We went out on a boardwalk where we had a view of Bradenton Bay. It was quiet and protected, quite a bit quieter than the ocean. Okay, time for a snack then off to bed. Don't know what we are doing tomorrow!

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