Thursday, December 25, 2014

Florida - Day 9

Merry Christmas! We are enjoying 74 degree weather today. Doesn't really feel like Christmas. This is the first time in my ENTIRE life I haven't awakened before 5:00 a.m. to open presents. I knew we weren't exchanging anything this year so no one got up til 9:00. So sad. I didn't like it. I like getting up, making coffee for Mom and Dad, hot chocolate for my brother and me, putting the carols on the radio, opening presents, eating breakfast and going back to bed for a few hours until we all wake up and start playing with our new gifts. If I come here next year - we will be doing that again. No more of this not-really-Christmas kind of day. I like candlelight services at church, the Christmas story in the morning, thinking about Jesus' birth and what that means to me...anyway...

Day 9 - We hit Universal: Islands of Adventure and began our day of rides on The Hulk roller coaster. We wandered through Marvel, Cartoon Alley, Jurassic Park, Hogsmeade, The Lost Continent, and Seuss Landing. We ate dinner at The Three Broomsticks...sooo yummy...and I sent postcards by owl from the Hogsmeade post office. Not as many pictures from this day since I didn't bring my phone with me but here are some for you to enjoy.

Taking the train to Hogwarts

Entering the village of Hogsmeade

Carriage pulled by thestrals - horse-like creatures you can only see if you have witnessed tragedy


Crossing a swinging bridge at Jurassic Park...holding on for dear life

Entering The Lost Continent

Dinner at The Three Broomsticks

Merry Christmas from Seuss Landing!

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