Friday, March 7, 2014


We are finally ready to go! Here it is...the launching of our website and business...

Copy, paste, and SAVE, SAVE, SAVE this link for access to the most whimsical, sweetest online boutique you'll ever see. Okay, so the website is kind of bare bones right now. We don't have any of our stuff listed yet but that will come soon. We're hoping to have samples of our work posted no later than the end of the month. We will be selling trinkets and decorations for your home, including hand-painted trunks with a hidden compartment, personalized mirrors and wall art, painted canvas, restored furniture, candles, soap, stationery featuring my work and lots of other stuff. We don't fit into one particular niche because so many things interest us, so check back often to see what new creation has caught our fancy. You never know when the site will be completely ready to go and there MIGHT be a surprise for you, if you are lucky enough to check at the right time! Leave us a message on the contact page so we know it's working...please. Thank you.

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