Saturday, March 8, 2014

Surprise Early Birthday

MomMA surprised me with tickets to two PAC-12 womens' basketball games tonight at Key Arena for my birthday. It was sooooooo fun...and a total surprise. She asked if I wanted to have any input into the activities and I said no. I wanted to be completely "blindsided"...and I was. I never had even the faintest inkling that this was what she had planned. Oh how I love her and her heart for her girl. We went to the first game which was Washington State vs. University of California. We left at halftime to have dinner at Seattle Center. We ate Mod Pizza for the main course and had cinnamon knots for dessert. We made it back to Key Arena in time to watch the WSU Cougars win. Then, after a 20-minute break, we watched the next game which was Oregon State University against the University of Utah. OSU Beavers won. The weather was beautiful, making our walk through the Center pleasant and warm. The company was outstanding - my momMA put a lot of thought and planning into making this a surprise I would enjoy. The present itself was great. I love basketball. I love the sound of sneakers squeaking against the floor, I love the sound of the basketball bouncing against the hardwood, I love the sound of a swish -- nothing but net. It was an evening I will tuck away in my heart and remember for a long time. And when I got home, there was one more surprise waiting for me. My baby brother picked up The Hunger Games - Catching Fire DVD for an early present. It was just released today. Am I loved or what?

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